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Site of the Week – I Can Smell Your Brains Has Gore Girls and More

icansmellyourbanner.jpgWhen local genre scenes move onto the Internet, anything can happen. In the case of I Can Smell Your Brains, everyone wins. The site has rounded up an almost supernatural amount of interviews, articles, and yes, pin-up girls, in the last year — especially remarkable, considering that it’s their first year. The screenings, parties, and general mayhem ICSYB sponsors are geared to enliven Phoenix and its satellite cities, a fast-growing area with a burgeoning appetite for cult film.

“We wanted to do something different, give some monster and exploitation junkies another spot where we point out the entertaining bits in the flicks we love. Like a magazine, except we can add stuff daily,” says co-creator Danny Marianino (aka Danny Northside). “Our interview section is so diverse: From a raging Iron Sheik and Honky Tonk Man video interview to our latest with Gidget Gein of Marilyn Manson (written by porn star Hollie Stevens), we cover it all.”

As for serving the local scene, ICSYB has hosted screening parties that cherry-pick the cult classic canon: Frankenhooker, Dawn of The Dead (featuring Q&A with guest Ken Foree), Killer Klowns form Outer Space,
and many others — mostly screened on 35MM. “But this year,” Marianino
adds, “we started ‘I Can Smell Your Brains Cinema’ where we either show
unknown new releases that rule (such as The Quick and The Undead and Bikini Bloodbath) or straight up classics like Street Trash. We work with the directors or writers themselves and make an event of the evening.”

You’ll come for the genre updates like the DVD Pulse, but you’ll stay for the Gore Girls. Every month ICSYB features horror hotties like Mel Vicious and Heidi Hellfire
in a photo spread and interview, drawing heavily from Phoenix’s
Renegade Roller Derby crew. With over 12 Gore Girl features in the bag,
the next logical step is a calendar, right? “You called it for sure,”
Marianino confirms, “For next year we are picking the best of the girls
and doing a calendar.”

Still in its infancy, ICSYB shows no signs of fatigue. “Coming up we are showing Kamal Ahmed from The Jerky Boys two films God Has A Rap Sheet and Raptorious, as well as Rotten Cotton Clothings latest Black Devil Doll, and New York Blood
(star Vinny Stigma of Agnostic Front will also do a Q&A),”
Marianino says, “We do it cause we love it and it brings our community

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