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Sigourney Weaver Says Avatar Character Is No Ripley


Expect fans to herald Sigourney Weaver’s return to heavy duty scifi with trumpets and confetti when James Cameron’s Avatar arrives next year. But, says Weaver, don’t expect a familiar face — her character, Dr. Grace Augustine, is cut from a different cloth entirely. “There’s not too much Ripley [in her], ” Weaver told MTV, “The only thing they have in common is they devoted their lives to this other thing. I think [Grace] probably would have liked a normal life but she had to make a choice and she chose science.”

Just in case Weaver’s description sounds less action-packed than her alter-ego’s grenade-launcher wielding glory days circa Aliens, she cryptically added about her new character, “She’s very involved. [In fact,] I would say her real life is as an avatar.” Until we know more about the movie’s storyline, there’s no way to know how meaty this revelation truly is. But at the very least we can rest assured that Weaver did not lack for inspiration on-set: “I’m playing very much a leader in this. Someone who gets the job done. Someone very very driven and smart and yet funny. The only person I could think of that was like this at all was Jim Cameron.”

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