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New on DVD – Juno, Lars and the Real Girl, and Lawrence of Arabia


• Despite its Best Picture nomination backlash, Juno is far more charming and sweet-natured than you remember it being. Forget the precious language and “so last year” soundtrack, and you’ll find that at its heart, Juno is a excellently written, directed, and acted fairy tale about growing up.

• How do you market a movie that’s about a guy who tries to pass off a sex doll as his girlfriend? Not well, apparently, as Lars and the Real Girl , a critically acclaimed, box office failure can attest. Get past the  doll, and you’ll find Ryan Gosling as a damaged young man who manages to bring his whole town together when they play into his fantasy, rather than destroy it.

• It’s been a while since Sidney Lumet has made a good movie, and finally, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
brings the legendary director back, full throttle. Phillip Seymour
Hoffman and Ethan Hawke are brothers who decide to rob their own
parent’s jewelry store, which goes predictably, horribly wrong.

• Though Lawrence of Arabia
has seen many releases on DVD, this most recent release includes all
the extra features seen on previous editions, at almost half the price.
If you haven’t already seen David Lean’s epic tale of T.E. Lawrence…
there should be nothing stopping you now.

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