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Joe Dante Screens His Favorite Films at LA’s New Beverly Cinema

Joe+D+and+Gremlin.0.jpgJoe Dante has directed some of the best genre movies of the last 30 years ( Piranha ; The Howling ; Gremlins ; Innerspace ; Gremlins 2: The New Batch ; Matinee ) and is one of the most ardent and articulate supporters of horror films around. But he’s also one of the most underrated filmmakers, because his movies, which brazenly mess with filmmaking conventions rather than stick by them, are hard to pin down. He’s a guy who deserves respect and that’s what Los Angeles’ New Beverly Cinema is doing by giving him his own film festival this month.

Called Dante’s Inferno, this two week extravaganza hosted and programmed by Dante includes favorites of all types — blaxploitation cinema (Jonathan Kaplan’s Truck Turner, starring Issac Hayes), war epics (Cy Enfield’s brilliant Zulu), and of course, horror, such as Corman’s Tomb of Ligeia and Horror Express, with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. The final night will bring a rare screening of Dante’s The Movie Orgy, a four-hour compilation of film clips that Dante edited while in film school.

Click here for the full schedule.

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