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Horror Surfer: No Sequel for Wicker Man; What’s Killing Horror?

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• If a horror film shows in the theater and no one is around to see it, is it still scary? CinemaBlend’s Weekend Box Office report says “The horror genre is 0 for 5 so far this year, with little hope on the horizon.”

Is Cowboys for Christ dead? says the Wicker Man sequel was scheduled to shoot in Scotland, but due to financial problems, it’s over before it even started.

• Sony Pictures new Prom Night promo is a scream. Patrons open the display door “for a night to die for” and a multiplex employee jumps out shrieking. Will it get them to open their pocketbooks and buy a ticket? Watch what happens.

• Should Detroit stick to making cars? Or this this metro city movie so bad it’s brilliant? Bite Me: The Movie.

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