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Horror Surfer – Inside Rentals Missing Minutes; Saw 5 Casts Meagan Good


Watch out, warns Cinematical, that DVD version of the fantastic French slasher film Inside that you picked up at Blockbuster might be the wimpy “rated R” version — with eight minutes of gory thrills snipped out.

Lost Ray Harryhausen footage? No, it’s a real bird that keeps itself fully plucked due to an unfortunate malady. Sort of cuddly in a leathery, scuttling way, don’t you think?

• Rest in peace, Grampa. Texas Chainsaw Massacre II‘s Ken Evert passed away this month. Just 56 years old, Evert was a Vietnam veteran in addition to being a beloved character actor.

• Run, it’s the Blob! Oh wait, it’s just the city of Miami flooding its streets with millions of gallons of foam. (Video here.)

• Meagan Good has decided to become the next starlet to be sawed (Sawn? Seen?), joining the cast of Saw 5

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