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Horror Power Ranking List – Rogue Snaps Its Way to First

Last week, there was some concern over Prom Night holding court for two weeks in a row. Well, worry no longer, as the crown has gone from a crock, to a croc… and, a giant one at that. The Ruins falls off the list this week, after a two-week stay. And, for the first time, we have several flicks cutting their way to the top of the charts. And now, I’m going to “cut” it out, before I turn into the Cryptkeeper:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 rogue75x75.jpg Rogue
Horror lovers rejoice! There’s, uh, one new horror film out this week. And it’s about a giant crocodile. It stars the one-expressioned Michael Vartan and it’s been shelved forever. Oh well, time to go see Prom Night again.
2 5 twilight.jpg Twilight
Everyone is getting on the Twilight train all of a sudden. You can’t hit the net without reading a story about the soundtrack, set visits, or Stephanie Meyer’s cameo in the vamp flick.
3 8 fridaythe13th.jpg Friday The 13th
Mrs. Voorhees gets cast, and it’s Nana Visitor. Yup, Major Kira from Deep Space Nine. Your geek head can explode right now, in a subtle tribute to what will shortly be happening to Nana Visitor’s head…
4 orphanage.jpg The Orphanage
The Guillermo del Toro-lite Spanish horror flick The Orphanage hits DVD, and despite feeling very familiar, it is more than worth your time. Probably the best film on this list, actually… Huh. No snark. Weird.
5 1 Prom Night
Prom Night hangs on at your local cinema, and should be in the top 10 at the B.O. for another week, earning enough money to spawn Prom Night 2: Prom Morning. God help us all.
6 saw-75x75.jpg Saw V
Actress Meagan Good (One Missed Call, also out on DVD this week) joins the Saw five-quel. *Spoiler* Turns out, her character has done something wasteful with her life, so she gets graphically tortured for it.
7 1 zombie-strippers.jpg Zombie Strippers
Zombie Strippers hangs on the list not for its B.O. power, but because Jenna Jameson got the fanboys slathering at New York Comic-Con. Expect it to only reappear on the Power Ranking around DVD time.
8 CassieHack-75x75.jpg Hack/Slash
Cassie Hack, comic books’ only slasher of slashers, hooks up with her soul mates over at Suicide Girls. The scantily dressed alt-women will present a brand new horror comic from creator Tim Seeley, as well as other content.
9 repo-75x75.jpg Repo: The Genetic Opera
The long-in-development horror/rock-opera gets an extensive, behind the scenes soundtrack page, as well as a dynamite list of performers for its soundtrack (artists from Slipknot, Korn, Guns n’ Roses, and more).
10 6 pathology.jpg Pathology
Opening at $54,000 on 46 screens isn’t that great, Milo Ventimiglia. Don’t quit your day job. What, your day job is acting? Okay, quit that.


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