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Horror Power Ranking – Zombie Strippers and Prom Night Tie for First

It’s week two of our rankings, and we’ve already seen massive upheaval in the world of horror flicks and stacks (aka movies and comics). More than half of the original HPRL entries have been bumped off by new titles bursting with bloody, slashy goodness.

Two movies manage to hang on: The Prom Night remake, and vine-based thriller The Ruins. Will they stay on the chart for yet another week? Or will one of our newcomers cut their way to the top? Only time (and your input) will tell…

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW   Movie (or Comic, etc.)
1 zombie-strippers.jpg Zombie Strippers
Is it going to be good? Nope. Is it going to make a lot of money? Nope. Does it star Robert Englund, Jenna Jameson and sport a perfect horror movie title? Hell yeah, it does.
1 9 Prom Night
Beyond dominating the box office with a $23 million take opening weekend, Prom Night has also paved the way for more PG-13 “girls in terror” remakes, including The House on Sorority Row. Getting the worst horror film ever remade? That’s power.
3 PREDATOR.jpg The Predator
You could debate whether Predator counts as horror, scifi, action, or all three. The Blu-ray releases of Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem, AVP and the 1987 film that started it all will help you figure out which category old Crab Face belongs in.
4 midnight-meat-train.jpg Midnight Meat Train
Clive Barker’s opus about a subway that turns into a literal slaughterhouse finally gets a new release date, parking itself opposite the new Mummy movie (Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) on August 1. The good news: It’s still got a summer release date. The bad news: It’s still called Midnight Meat Train.
5 twilight.jpg Twilight
Based on Stephanie Meyers popular series of vampire-romance books, the movie version of Twilight has just begun filming, but is already generating positive buzz. I bet most of you have never heard of it before, right? That’s because you’re not 13-year-old girls.
6 pathology.jpg Pathology
Milo Ventimiglia takes a star turn in this med student horror-thriller. Alyssa Milano plays his fiancée, but that won’t be enough to overcome Pathology‘s middling reviews and low theater count.
7 damned.jpg The Damned
Oni Press’ graphic novel is making the transition to the big screen, directed by Eight Below‘s David DiGillio. The OGN concerns an LA detective who finds himself up against a demon Mafia.
8 fridaythe13th.jpg Friday The 13th
The remake scores a female hottie lead in Danielle Panabaker. You know, from Shark? The show with James Woods in it? He’s a lawyer, who defends bad guys or something? Anyway, she’s in Shark, and she’s going to be in Friday the 13th, so, that’s going on.
9 1 The Ruins
Who would have thought The Ruins, aka “That killer vine movie,” would have bombed at the B.O.? Well, everybody, though it may still find second life in the video store. Do people even use video stores any more? Tell you what, from now on, the phrase is, “Find second life in the iTunes Store.” Happy, early adopters?
10 highmoon.jpg High Moon
David Gallaher and Steve Ellis’ award winning comic on Zuda gets a new installment, which happens once every, pardon the pun, blue moon. Vampire Cowboys vs. Werewolf Cowboys, and it hasn’t been picked up for a movie yet?


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