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Ultimate Fan Quiz – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Save Ferris! Post your answers to our Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Ultimate Fan Quiz in the comments section below. If yours is the first correct entry, you’ll win a Fast Times at Ridgemont High DVD and be profiled as the Ultimate Ferris Fan in an upcoming blog entry. Make sure we have your name and email address so we can reach you. (If two people post all the right answers at the same time, there will be a tie-breaker question from WarGames.

The quiz will run from Friday, April 11 to Friday, April 18 at midnight, and a winner will be announced a few days after.

You’ve had plenty of time to study — the movie came out in 1986. Anyone? Anyone?

OK. Class begins:

1. What reason does Ferris have to resent Jeanie?

2. What breed is the Buellers’ dog?

3. What painting transfixes Cameron at the Art Institute of Chicago?

4. What is the score of the Cubs game when Rooney is at the pizza parlor?

5. In what subject does Ferris have a test the day he ditches school?

6. What does Cameron think Ferris will be when he grows up?

7. What song does Ferris play on his keyboard using coughing sounds?

8. According to a rumor sweeping Ferris’ high school, to whom will he donate his eyes in the event of his death?

Which of these items does Ferris not have in his room: An electric
guitar, a dart board, a French flag, a Cabaret Voltaire poster?

10. What’s the mileage on the Ferrari before Ferris and Cameron take it out?

What’s the link between the restaurant where Ferris, Sloane and Cameron
have lunch, and the place Rooney travels first to look for Ferris?

12. Where is Cameron’s mother?

13. What car plays the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California?

14. Who wrote the script for a proposed sequel to the film, in which Ferris is about to turn 40?

15. According to its editor, how long was the original cut of the film?

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