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Site of the Week – The Deadbolt

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Reg Seeton, creator of The Deadbolt, brings years of
experience to the table. His journey online started, as many do, while he was
working at a coffee shop in the ’90s. One of my co-workers was writing for the Web and asked if I wanted to join the team,” he explains. “I had no idea I was joining one of the most popular entertainment
websites online [Coming Attractions] at the time.” Now, several years and sites later, Seeton hopes to make The Deadbolt equally successful.

What makes the site unique? The Deadbolt takes the
time to tell the story. It locks it down. While
other movie sites seem determined to cover everything, no matter how
insignificant, the site focuses on what has merit and then covers it
with the respect it deserves. “Sometimes it takes going through 10
different writers to get the one you need,” says Seeton. “If it’s just
shtick, then
the content is secondary to someone’s ego. I see it all the
time… people working really hard to try and do it — trying to be
cool, trying
to be clever– and the content gets lost for the sake of the voice. It
down the whole industry.”

Two recent features showcase his team’s ability to balance creativity and humor with substance. Trailer
, mentioned in USA Today, explores the good and bad of upcoming movie
trailers; Movie Matchmaker, pairs writers with titles, “in the hopes of inspiring movies that kick
way, way more ass than an umpteenth adaptation of Great Expectations,” says contributer Tom Burns. In a
recent installment, writer Brian Tallerico went to great lengths to explain why
Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas should be made into a movie and then made the case
that Alfonzo Cuaron ( Children of Men ) should direct.

Here’s hoping Hollywood is listening.

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