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Daily Scan for 04.11.08 — Superman’s Shortcomings, Batman’s Camp Factor

• It looks like Lost fans can stop holding their breath: there may very well be more episodes on the way this season.

• The new animated Batman takes its queue from the intro of the camp ’60s version — at least aesthetically.

• With HD-DVD’s death, it was only a matter of time: Fan-favorite film Serenity goes to Blu-Ray. Maybe the inevitable Top 10 Amazon DVD sales will give a sequel a shove in the right direction.

• The casting just never ends on the upcoming X-Men spin-off, Wolverine.

Why Superman Will Always Suck. Well, with that whole “Woman of Kleenex” problem, he’d pretty much have to, wouldn’t he?

• Uwe Boll tells fans that if they can get 1,000,000 signatures, he’ll stop making movies. 154,000 votes are accrued within the blink of an eye.

• io9 asks the olefactory question on everyone’s minds and up everyone’s septums: “Does steampunk smell better than other subcultures?

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