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Daily Scan: 04.28.08 – Boll Challenges Bay; Star Wars Collecting in Poland

polish_jedi1.jpg• Uwe Boll, the most unrepentantly awful film director of our generation, threatens to punch the second most unrepentantly awful film director of our generation, Mr. Michael Bay, so hard that he sneezes out his skeleton.

• John DeNardo details his weekend at the Nebulas. Be sure to drop by to read the list of famous sci-fi luminaries with whom John mingled. I’ll never be this ‘in’ with the sci-fi elite.

• The Telegraph’s best 50 cult books list has a good chunk of sci-fi entries on the list.

• io9 gives a good run-down of the sci-fi adventure games of LucasArts. Purple Tentacle forever!

• Darth Vader: CEO.

• Back in my days as a philosophy major, we had an absolutely filthy joke about a Schrödinger Girl… Now there’s a film of the same name, about a woman trying to confirm the existence of parallel universes.

• Will Eli Roth’s next non-torture-porn movie be a giant robot Cloverfield-style movie?

• Guillermo del Toro hates heroic fantasy. So why is he directing The Hobbit?

• The fascinating state of Star Wars collecting in Poland.

• This is what I think is behind Starbuck’s re-appearance on Battlestar Galactica too.

• I’m sure conspiracy theorists have their own ideas about why this happened, but the Roswell UFO Theme Park has been indefinitely delayed.

• Slice of SciFi lists their top seven most embarrassing moments in science fiction.

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