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Daily Scan: 04.22.08 – Dark Knight Trailer; Wonder Woman on Track


• Grant Morrison talks about a career writing comic books, out of his mind on drugs.

• The official Dark Knight trailer is pretty snazzy.

• Hot on the heels of Marvel Zombies comes Marvel Apes.

• According to io9, Wolfgang Petersen is off Ender’s Game.

• Joel Silver says the Wonder Woman movie is back on track.

• Harrison Ford on Han Solo: “He’s dumb as a stump!”

• Artist Eric Poulton continues to expertly steampunkify Star Wars.

• Topless Robot lists the The 10 Worst CG Effects in Movies That Could Afford Better.

• I didn’t care when he helmed X-Men 3, but Hollywood, please, please keep Brett Ratner away from a Richard Matheson property

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