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Daily Scan: 04.10.08 — X-Files 2 Spoilers; Roald Dahl’s Subversive Storylines

250px-PubTThou01.jpg• UGO offers up a list of mostly old spoilers for X-Files 2, including a precise breakdown of Kama Sutra positions Mulder and Scully will demonstrate in the third act.

• Was Charlton Heston the first Indiana Jones?

• Surprise: Nation known for loving giant monster movies loves giant monster movie, Cloverfield.

• A journal for those living in non-linear time.

• Roald Dahl was an unfilmable subversive even in the 1940s, when he came up with ideas for movies for Walt Disney like, “Mischievous gremlins crash our airplanes, making everyone die.”

• SciFiDrive offers typically fantastic overviews of both the sci-fi cinema of the Sixties and its preceding decade.

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