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Daily Scan: 04.09.08 — Comcast, Podcasts and Wingmen Carry the SciFi Torch

artemis eternal resized.jpg

might be coming back thanks to Comcast. Should fans celebrate? Screen Rant explores the dark and dirty side of the deal.

• Scott Sigler is participating in JC Hutchins’ new experiment in scifi podcasting. You can too. Imagine yourself in a terrorist attack, record your suffering, become a victim of the Obsidian blackout.

• Don’t wear the Nubrella, according to ABC News, unless you want to increase your dorkiness factor. i09, on the other hand, has Scifi Clothing You Can Wear on the Street Without Fear of Reprisals.

• Jessica Mai Stover is creating quality science fiction $1 at a time and she wants you to be her wingman. Fight Hollywood. Make Artemis Eternal.

• Trekweb reveals why Paramount picked Kern County as the location for the Star Trek prequel. “We can kind of make Iowa out of Bakersfield.”

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