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Daily Scan: 04.04.08 — Origins Is Out; Believe It or Not, William Katt Is Writing a Comic Book


Heroes returns on September 15, but don’t hold your breath for Heroes: Origins.

• What’s inside this Dharma Initiative box that was dropped in Lisbon to hype the European premiere of Lost‘s fourth season? Here’s a bigger mystery: Why does Lost air on FOX in Lisbon?

• William Katt, forever our Greatest American Hero, is now writing comics books.

• Anna Paquin talks X-Men (and, uh, non-geek movies) with The Onion‘s AV Club.

• Fantasy painter James Jean has created a gorgeous animated spot for Prada.

• Odd fit of the day: The classic DC Comics Western character Jonah Hex is being adapted into film by the writing team behind Crank .

• Most of these fan-created Lego Marvel characters will never star in their own movie. But they sure are adorable.

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