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Best of Monsterfest – Week of Apr. 14

1. Horror novelist and Monsterfest columnist Scott Sigler sings the praises of the unsung monster of the deep: The Crocodile.

2. Grady Hendrix contends that neither zombies, strippers, nor zombie strippers help bring Jenna Jameson’s Zombie Strippers to life. On the plus side, the porn star’s dilapidated breasts have never looked so real.

3. Monsterfest columnist Stacie Ponder outlines the rules of slasher flicks — the first rule is you do not talk about slasher flicks — while she selects the appropriate film for every month of the year.

4. Who loves horror? CNN’s Video Editor Lee Hughey, who says Hellraiser‘s Pinhead doesn’t have jack on Lou Dobbs.

5. Monsterfest unveils its Horror Power Ranking List, a highly scientific formula that this week contends The Ruins continues to pack the most Total Entertainment Value (TEV).

Monsterfest Talk Forum: Horror fans continue to discuss the subtle art of remaking classic horror films. Microwaved says, “I too generally don’t have a problem with remakes. As far as a successful remake, the only one that even comes close for me was Zack Snyder’s Log onto the Talk forum to join in this conversation, or to start a horror topic of your own!

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