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Best of Monsterfest: Week of Mar. 31

1. Monsterfest columnist Scott Sigler shares the two secret inspirations for his novel Infected: Misery and Evil Dead II. Hey, who wouldn’t be inspired by Bruce Campbell?

2. Grady Hendrix goes to a midnight showing of The Ruins… and it gets under his skin.

3. Blogger Stacie Ponder waxes nostalgic for the made-for-TV terrors of the ’70s and ’80s in her Monsterfest column. But if you ask me, Lifetime‘s movies of the week are pretty damned scary.

4. Will Hollywood’s favorite punching bag Lindsay Lohan take the lead in a remake of Suspiria? Probably not, but the rumor got our heart rates up this April Fools.

5. Who loves horror? Jill Sobule, who says she gets her jollies watching Mia Farrow ravage raw meat . Yum.

Monsterfest Talk forum: CampBlood was busy on the forum this week making recommendations and discussing his favorite horror villains. Of the former he wrote, “watched The Mist last night. I thought it was OK. Certainly wasn’t as good as everyone has told me, but it was still entertaining. And the monsters were not what I was expecting at all.” As for his favorite villain, the talk once again turned to Carrie: “She really knows how to get a prom into full swing,” he quipped. Meanwhile, McGillicuddy was none to please with Michael Haneke’s self-adaptation of Funny Games, which he said, “scolds the audience for enjoying the horror genre by breaking the fourth wall. Never have I witnessed a filmmaker who has so much contempt for their audience.” Do you agree with McGillicuddy, or did you enjoy the plot device? Log onto the Monsterfest Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or to start a horror topic of your own!

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