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Behind the Scenes of an FX Designer’s Day in Digital Grunt

digital grunt.JPG

Designing visual effects for movies and video games must be the coolest job ever, right? Think again. The comedy short Digital Grunt charts the adventures of one lowly worker-bee as the pressure mounts and his deadline approaches.

Rest assured that coffee will be guzzled, No Doz will be gobbled, and his family will wonder whether he’s ever coming home from work again. Error messages (and nitpicky notes from the client, who manages to pinpoint the one bad pixel that needs work) are fired like fast-forward cannonballs to the tune of the “William Tell Overture.”

Watching the sweat literally pour out of his hat may be hilarious (or unpleasantly familiar, if you can relate), but it does give me a little more appreciation for the work that’s gone into every little explosion and creature effect I’ve seen lately — I sure hope that guy is okay.

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