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Volcano Director Mick Jackson, a Filmmaker With a Flair for the Apocalypse


Mick Jackson’s decision to direct the disaster movie Volcano in 1997 might have seemed like a quite a career swerve — at that time, his other credits included Whitney Houston’s hitmaker The Bodyguard and Steve Martin’s quirky L.A. Story. But in examining his career as a whole, it’s clear that Jackson’s interests lean decidedly toward the apocalyptic, and that his measured comedies and romances are the real aberration.

In 1983, Jackson directed the British television special A Guide To Armageddon (available on YouTube),
depicting the effects of a nuclear attack on a city the size of London.
A half hour of watching the bronze cross melting off the top of St.
Paul’s Cathedral and meat cooking as it hangs in butcher shop windows
is enough to have anyone duck-and-covering at any sudden loud noise.
The following year he revisited the same idea in the British TV movie, Threads.
Fast forward to 1997, and you’ll find Jackson raining down those very
punishments onto Los Angeles as volcanic lava poured through the
streets incinerating flora, fauna, and condos in one fell swoop. And
don’t be fooled by credits like Tuesdays With Morrie, it’s
obvious that he’s gets a lot more excitement releasing ebola-esque
plagues on an unwitting populace a la his 2006 television movie Covert One: The Hades Factor.

This filmmaker may have a soft spot for impossible relationships,
but if given a chance he’d probably rather burn the entire city to the
ground. Witness the destruction on Wednesday, April 16 at 8PM | 7C. Click here for full schedule.

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