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X-Files Sequel Complete, Say Carter and Duchovny


The truth is out there in western Canada. At a packed news conference in Vancouver, X-Files creator and sequel director Chris Carter joined David Duchnovny to talk about the recently wrapped shoot. Carter told the packed room that filming was sometimes plagued by paparazzi — and that a kiss between Duchovny and co-star Gillian Anderson was staged to throw the photographers off track. Apparently, there’s no romance between the two in the film.

A fantastic teaser trailer, much like the one previously leaked to the Web, was also unveiled. Says Canada’s National Post, it showed “Ms.
Anderson, Mr. Duchovny and shaggy co-star Billy Connolly searching a
snowy field with dogs and sticks for some unspecified monster.” Duchovny ended the conference by saying that the time was right for a sequel, and perhaps other sequels, since “This is a great, flawed, questing hero — there’s always more stories for that person to be involved in.” Unfortunately, Anderson did not attend the press conference due to illness.

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