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Why Jeff Smith’s Bone Comic Was Optioned by Warner Bros.


When the news came today that Warner Bros. optioned Jeff Smith’s Bone, fans of the well-regarded indie comic no doubt wondered: What took you so long? As The Hollywood Reporter rightly points out, Smith was influenced by everyone from Walt Kelly (Pogo) to Will Eisner (The Spirit). But Smith has his own constantly-evolving style that makes the bald, tough and human-like Bone cousins completely curious and new. In fact, the series is full of evil entities like the Lord of the Locusts.

Perhaps the best of these comics is Ghost Circles, in which the Bone clan encounters fearsome Rat Creatures, ghosts and dragons. Whether Warners will opt for an animated feature or a live action has yet to be determined. Fans of the comic are as nervous as they are excited– will Warners’ stay true to the slightly radical nature of the comic book series?

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