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When Nazi Rocketmen Attack!

It’s Monday, and we’re all a little tired. Or drunk. Or drunk and tired. Despite an ebullient weekend spent navel-gazing and hammock-swinging, the Moloch Machine of Capitalism grinds on, ripping us from our weekend bed and plunking us down as mere automatons in the corporate machine. It’s enough to make almost anyone stand up in their cubicle, strip down to their underpants and scream, “That’s it! Forget this rat race! I’m becoming a professional blogger!”

Still, it could be worse. For example, if — as Disney’s The Rocketeer informs — Hitler had been successful in his mastery of jetpack technology, wave after wave of Nazi rocketmen would have invaded our fair country, raising a swaztika on the dome of the Capitol. Even the vanguards of our society — bloggers — would not be safe from National Socialist impressions, as our cushy cut-and-paste jobs suddenly turned into tortuous regurgitations of the Third Reich’s press releases proclaiming its Ethnic Supremacy.

On the other hand, at least there’d be all the Hefeweizen you could drink. And jetpacks. Probably a dangerous combination, come to think of it.

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