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What’s the Saddest Movie Ever? Or When Do Comics Hide Their Tears?

Laughter might be the best medicine but crying will help you cope. We asked three standup comics — experts at tickling the funny bone — to pick the movies that most touched their hearts. After all, isn’t comedy just tragedy plus timing?

Comic: Jane Condon,janecondon119.jpg Last Comic Standing


Memorable Movie Moment: “Just once in your life, see a movie in Times Square. Everyone talks to the screen. Best place I could have seen Star Wars . Everyone was yelling, ‘Yeah! Yoda!’ At first, I was appalled. By the end, I’m pumping my fists and screaming, “Yeah!! Yoda!!!”

Favorite Sad Movies

1. Casablanca : “Ingrid Bergman! Don’t get on the plane with Laszlo! Rick really loves you!”

2. Titanic : “The Irish, my people, have to ride in steerage. They never even make it to the lifeboats.”

3. Love Story : “I’m a blue-collar girl and I dated a guy from Harvard. So I really identified…except for the ending.”

kristinschaal119.jpgComic: Kristen Schaal, The Flight of the Conchords


Memorable Movie Moment: “Remember that movie Crash ? It starred Holly Hunter and it was an auto-erotica movie with James Spader. It’s really disturbing. It was just me and my boyfriend and two old men in the theater. Then the film started melting and I thought that was the best part. But then they fixed it and I walked out. It’s the only movie I walked out of… No, I walked out of Daredevil .”

Favorite Sad Movies

1. My Girl :
“It was the first movie where I cried in the theater. The moment at the funeral where she looked down and was for the first time having to deal with death — that got to me. I was embarrassed and I didn’t want my mom to see me crying.”

2. The Piano: “It’s about isolation and expression. The only one way she could express herself was through the piano and all of a sudden, it was being used against her.”

3. Secretary : (Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character) “is completely off beat. She is a lot like Holly Hunter in a way too — very isolated. I really just liked watching her find her power. The movie starts sad but becomes somewhat triumphant at the end.


Comic: Steven Michael Quezada, Breaking Bad


Memorable Movie Moment: “When The Passion of the Christ came out, I waited ’til the run was almost done; I was going to make my own decision. This Asian couple — a little old lady and her daughter — sat a couple rows down from me and other people sat behind us. Movie starts… Soon as the subtitles came on, the Asian lady starts translating to her mother in whatever language. Then right behind me the lady starts translating into Spanish for her husband. So here I am — I’m watching in Aramaic, trying to read English, listening to both languages being translated… I couldn’t believe it — I waited and waited and I went on the wrong damn day: I went on translation day.”

Favorite Sad Movies

1. I Am Sam: “I’m supposed to be this tough guy, this real hard-nosed Latino, growing up in the hood kind of comic. I cried the whole movie. I could relate.”

2. The Pursuit of Happyness : “There is no happiness in that whole pursuit. I can relate to that: Comics are funny people, but their lives, for the most part, are miserable.”

3.  50 First Dates : “You’ll probably think I’m crazy. She loses her memory everyday and he had enough in him that he would go and woo her everyday because he loved her so much! Think about if somebody loved you like that.”

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