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Baseball Is Hollywood’s Favorite Sport

bull durham.jpg

Ask any guy “What’s the greatest basketball film?” and he’ll likely say Hoop Dreams or Hoosiers . Ask the same question with “football” instead and you might get  Slap Shot  is great?) Now ask this same sportsfan to pick the best baseball movie. Suddenly, you’ll get a long list.

There have been so many great films inspired by America’s favorite pastime that you’d almost think that the American and National Leagues were in cahoots with the studios. Whether its major league ( Bull Durham ), the Negro League ( The Jackie Robinson Story ) or the Female Professional League ( The Bad News Bears . Tonight March 24, AMC celebrates Bull Durham‘s 20th anniversary with an airing of the classic film at 8PM | 7C. For a primer on other winning baseball movies, check out’s gallery of the ten classic crowdpleasers.


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