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The Ultimate Star Wars Van

Star Wars Van” width=”560″/>

I have always felt that the nature of my adult dating life necessitated a 70s wooden-paneled van. The side would give me a large canvas to woo the sci-fi-obsessed geek girl with a large, air-painted mural of Star Wars as I cruised around the neighborhood. Inside would be a collection of figurines for her to play with, lightsaber replicas and perhaps, under the front seat, a device to slow the passage of time. Plus some bitchin’ hydraulics, natch.

So I’m very tempted to make a bid on this wonderful eBay auction for a 1970s Star Wars disco van…

currently riding a modest bid of only $1000 bucks. As the Star Wars blog deftly notes:

We’re hopeful the winner will decide keep the original Star
Wars deco – and that, um, ‘classic’ ’70s interior. An 8-track
quadraphonic looping Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk might be a nice touch, too.

That’s a great idea. And man, I’d slap an “If This Van’s A Rockin’,
Princess Leia — Come A Knockin’!” bumper sticker on this baby so fast.

Star Wars Van [eBay] (via The Official Star Wars Blog)

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