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The Sun Spoils Doctor Who Series 4

whatsupdoc.jpgOuch. The scripts to episodes nine and ten for the BBC’s Doctor Who have been leaked to Britain’s favorite Page 3 Girl repository, the trashy Sun newspaper. The BBC, of course, is gripped with a series of apoplectic seizures… which speaks well for the genuine nature of the leak. Be warned… from here on, there be spoilers!

According to the Sun, the ninth and tenth episodes of “Series 4” focus on a 51st century library, an entire planet of books, containing works that spell out the lives of everyone who has ever lived. Shades of Jorge Luis Borges there… and haunted by “dead bodies, “data ghosts”, the Suit Creature and the dreaded Vashta Nerada “piranhas of the air – shadows that melt the flesh.” Neat.

The plot of the episode involves Catherine Tate’s Donna character
somehow getting separated from the Doctor. (My guess, given her
teeth-grating obnoxiousness? He ditched her at the end of time.) In the
Library, she meets another Doctor… the mysterious Doctor Moon. I
wonder if this is the rumored daughter of the Doctor we’ve been hearing

It sounds good, though it doesn’t give any clue as to how the rest
of the season will play out. My guess is that the rumored re-appearance
of Rose happens as a “data ghost” in this library, making her
four-episode return a part of the “Series Four “closer.

Doctor Who script leak [The Sun]

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