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The Star Wars Last Supper Photo-Mosaic

Star Wars Last Supper mosaic before, with Luke as the Messiah, Leia as the swooning apostle John, Vader as a wildly gesticulating Thomas and Boba Fett playing the role of Judas Iscariot. Even though the metaphor is a bit strange — after all, Anakin Skywalker is really the Messiah of the Star Wars universe, albeit a pretty incompetent one — it’s pretty much perfect. But it’s also decidedly old news.

Less old? Avi’s incredible photo-mosaic adaptation of the Star Wars Last Supper.

It is comprised of over 69,000 stills from the Star Wars
films, each individual picture a living pixel of a greater work. By my
rough calculation, that means that every single frame of the first
three Star Wars films is represented in the mosaic, presuming zero repeated images.

Unfortunately, that presumption’s wrong: looking closely at the Mosaic, you can clearly see that frames from the Star Wars
prequels are represented. Why would you go through this much effort to
make something cool, then pad out the photo-mosaic with the Star Wars equivalent of

Star Wars Last Supper Mosaic [Official Site]

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