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The Scanner’s Top Five: Week of 03.10

1. In what appears to be a case of career suicide, Hayden Christensen told Details magazine what he really thinks of the Star Wars prequels. And it’s not that they’re the closest he’ll ever come to being popular.

2. A trailer for The Incredible Hulk went online to mass applause, while a dejected Ang Lee walked away with solemn music playing in the background.

3. 20th Century Fox trademarked the rights to market the Futurama beverage “Slurm.” Erm, Why?

4. Details of the forthcoming live-action Star Wars series emerged, and the rumor mill says Lucas is hoping for Deadwood meets The Sopranos. If that involves Jar Jar’s head in a bowling ball bag, sign me up.

5. Warner Brothers pulled the plug on McG’s Terminator: Salvation sequel. Actually they only killed the title — opting instead for one that’s, ya know, not terrible.

SciFi Dept. Video: Kevin Maher takes you on a journey through time…travel movies, pointing out the good the bad, and the incomprehensible. Pay close attention: This three-minute ride could save hours of your life.

SciFi Scanner Talk Forum: The SciFi Talk forum is narrowing down the top ten Science Fiction movies of all time. McGillicuddy got the ball rolling when he listed Log on to the Talk forum to name any movies you think deserve a spot on the list, or to start a whole new Science Fiction topic of your own!

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