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The Incredible Hulk Smashes The Web

After a week of quivering Internet anticipation, the trailer for The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton has been released online. And, wow. It’s fantastic.

The trailer gives a lot of indication of exactly how The Incredible Hulk will play out. As has been previously indicated, the filmmakers are deftly side-stepping the Hulk’s origins and taking it as read that Bruce Banner got irradiated with gamma bursts and turns into a violent, emerald juggernaut when furious.

More interesting is exactly how much screen-time Hulk’s (fantastic looking) nemesis, The Abomination, gets in the trailer. This is what we wanted the first Hulk movie to be: two massive avatars of fury and destruction slugging it out with each other in a major metropolis. My only regret? Tim Roth never speaks in the trailer — I was really hoping for a fantastically cheesy Russian accent in keeping with The Abomination’s Communist origins.

While Marvel publishing languishes in attempting to string together a single coherent plot in their comic books, it seems to me their movie studio has finally perfected putting together comic book movies. I don’t want to speak too soon, but between this and the forthcoming Iron Man, it looks like they might be getting ready for back-to-back home runs.

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