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The Fury: Keep Your Secret Superpowers to Yourself

furies.JPGPerhaps it’s best Carrie didn’t survive to see what happens to bright young things once word gets around about their special talents. Otherwise, she might have ended up at the Paragon Clinic like Amy Irving and Andrew Stevens in The Fury, fast-tracked into government research so her prom-angst could be used against entire nations.

The general consensus seems to be: If you have any latent superpowers, keep them to yourself. Just ask Drew Barrymore, who lit up the screen in Firestarter, only to find herself locked away in a secret lab called “The Shop.” Or Professor Charles Xavier, whose school for young mutants in the X-Men films is meant to protect them from exactly that sort of fate. But what do you fear more: A government that attempts to understand and control people’s strange abilities, or a world where unstable people like Carrie or Jean Grey roam around igniting the populace whenever they see fit?

In The Fury, at least, things are not so cut-and-dried. Amy Irving’s got her wits about her and is packing less emotional baggage than your typical adolescent outcast. Kirk Douglas plays a former government agent who objects to his son being groomed as a nuke-bomb-in-training. I can’t guarantee a happy ending, but consider it a reminder to you boys and girls out there with secret powers of your own: Keep your heads down and your hormones in check… for your own safety (and mine!).

The Fury airs Saturday, March 29 at 12:30AM | 11:30C. For a complete schedule, click here.

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