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The Andromeda Strain Comes Again!

andromeda-strain-tv-mini-series.thumbnail.jpgAre you ready for the Andromeda Strain, a disease of extraterrestrial origin threatening to destroy all life on Earth? Are you prepared for the impossibly sexy, sultry and multi-ethnic scientists ready to fight that threat… sexy, sultry and multiethnic scientists such as Erin McCormack, Christa Miller, Ricky Schroder, Andre Braugher and Daniel Dae Kim? And are you ready for a two-night, two-part television event filmed entirely in slow motion thanks to the producing skills of Misters Tony and Ridley Scott?

I hope so! It’s coming to your television screens soon, courtesy of A&E. Based on the novel by Michael Crichton and, of course, remaking the 1971 version, here’s the plot:

A U.S. satellite crash-lands near a small town in Utah,
unleashing a deadly plague that kills virtually everyone except two
survivors — an old man and an infant, who may provide clues to
immunizing the population. As the military attempts to quarantine the
area, a team of highly specialized scientists are assembled to find a
cure and stop the spread of the alien pathogen, code-named Andromeda.

A&E has a surprisingly sexy trailer for the miniseries. Every
element about this version makes me want to pass, but the trailer looks
good enough that I think I’m actually looking forward to it. That and
Benjamin Bratt. He’s dreamy.

The Andromeda Strain [Official Site]

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