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Terminator 4 Ties Into Sarah Connor Chronicles

8238.jpgIf you’re expecting any sort of logical chronology in the Terminator films, you’re looking in the wrong place. The first two films roughly followed a plausibly causal time-travel model, but the third film and the Sarah Connor Chronicles jettison the idea altogether. The Terminator franchise, at this point, seems to be sliding along at least three or four separate timelines.

In attempt to hand wave the chronology problems away, the creators of the Sarah Connor Chronicles essentially claimed that the television show took place on a timeline where only the first two Terminator movies were canon. The third movie didn’t count.

But it looks like that might not be true. Recent leaks from the Terminator 4 production team indicates that they may very well tie-in the Sarah Connor Chronicles. That makes sense: there’s cross-promotion value in both properties. But if Terminator 4 is a sequel to Terminator 3, that seems to remove The Sarah Connor Chronicles from the timeline entirely, unless the television show brings John Connor back in time at the end of its run.

God. My head spins. Just introduce alternate time lines and be done with it.

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