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Teller Versus the Zombie Apocalypse

Usually, me and the guys from Monsterfest get into pretty heated arguments about whether or not zombies belong exclusively to the horror genre, or if they’re also the domain of sci-fi. They’ve probably got the better argument, but this time I’m going to tell them to cram it hard — this is just too good to let them post.

What if the more silent, mime-ish and diminutive half of the Penn and Teller magic act were the last survivor on earth after a George Romero style zombie apocalypse? That’s the premise of & Teller, probably my favorite web video of the last year.

I’m a big Penn and Teller geek, I admit, so I’m prejudiced. But it’s just hard to go wrong with Teller sniping zombies from a compound’s towers while narrating his life into a tape recorder.

Incidentally, this video is even better if you’re a Penn and Teller fan. The Compound that Teller has holed himself up in against the zombie hordes? That’s The Slammer, Penn Jillette’s famous mansion designed to look exactly like a jail from the outside. The toilets even have barbed wire embedded in the seats.

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