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Sweded Cardboard Star Wars, Sans Skywalker and Solo

Michel Gondry’s Be Kind, Rewind lifts its plot directly from an old Nickelodeon kids show, but with aplomb: It’s about video store employees who create their own DIY versions of classic movies like Ghostbusters and Driving Miss Daisy. Awesomely, Gondry decided to throw a contest inviting people to submit their own DIY versions of films they loved. With a contest like that, it was a done deal someone would do Star Wars. And these Swedes have, all in cardboard.

I love it. Chris Parrot and comrades managed to compress and recreate the first movie with cardboard boxes, KFC buckets, old bathroom robes and even an R2D2 built out of beer kegs. More interesting is they somehow managed to leave out several important protagonists: Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are nowhere to be seen! But let’s admit it: They were just eye candy for the ladies anyway, weren’t they?

Star Wars (Sweded): A Cardboard Hope [YouTube]

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