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Star Trek‘s Pavel Chekov Knocks Up T4‘s Sarah Connor


The child of a war-torn future, Kyle Reese had but one mission: To travel back in time and impregnate Sarah Connor, thereby becoming the father to John Connor and saving the future from murderous, psychopathic robots. Keep in mind that this is a still-young-and-adorable Sarah Connor — either a sweet and perky Linda Hamilton before her sweaty beefcake phase (a suicide mission), or a twenty-something Lena Headey. It’s a good gig if you can get it.

Now, it looks like the next Terminator trilogy may have the new face of the man who will one day father John Connor: Internet scuttlebutt has it that the next Kyle Reese will be Anton Yelchin.

Does that name sound familiar to you? It should: its J.J. Abrams’ Pavel Freakin’
Chekov. And if the implausibility of a pasty Russian dough-boy
incapable of pronouncing the ‘v’ phoneme is making your head spin, get
a load to the picture of Yelchin at the right: This is the beardless, pre-pubertal face of the man who will one day become the baddest Terminator terminator around.

incredulity can only be expressed in memes: My head asplode. Other
times, it can only be expressed with an obscene litany of four-letter
words accompanied by an ambidextrous display of obscene hand gestures.
Insert those here for good measure.

May We Present…T4’s Kyle Reese [UGO Moviesblog]

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