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Star Trek: Comparing the Old to the New

Just as I am utterly against the remastering, rejiggering and any CGI “enhancement” of the original Star Wars trilogy (even when it isn’t ret-conning important character scenes like Han shooting first), I don’t like the idea of re-doing all of the special effects in the original Star Trek series.

Okay, yes: 40 years later, the bridge of the Enterprise looks ridiculous. The equipment is made up entirely of oscilloscopes. The automatic doors are made of wobbly cardboard. All the women wear go-go boots. The Enterprise flies through space thanks to clearly visible strands of fishing line. The horizons of alien planets jerk and sway when actors accidentally collide against them. But that’s all part of the charm.

It’s not that the company remastering Star Trek is doing a
bad job. Far from it: Their work is excellent and as in-keeping with
the original look as possible. But for every little fault they fix, the rest of that world looks all the phonier.

And really, where does it end? Our concept of a “realistic” future
will change by the year as our expectations are contradicted one after
the other by the progress of technology. To think that the remastered Star Trek won’t look just as absurd in 40 years as the original Star Trek
is absurd: if anything, we will probably marvel at the crudity of the
CGI work, even as we accept the special effects of the original as the
charming and ingenious illusions of pioneers.

Via SF Signal

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