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Site of the Week: Classic Movie Favorites


Like most hardcore fans, Lynn Dougherty didn’t build a website because she wanted fame and fortune. But in a way, fame and fortune is exactly what she got with Classic Movie Favorites, her site devoted to Hollywood’s Golden Age (1930-1970).

“At first I decided to focus my site on my ten favorite films,” she begins. “But I became completely immersed in web design and quickly expanded the site to include my favorite actors, actresses, and directors.” All of a sudden, the site began to draw notice: Peter Ford, son of Glenn Ford and Eleanor Powell, asked that she webmaster his site then authorized her coverage of his mom as the Official Eleanor Powell Site. “In addition I have been contacted by Leatrice Fountain Gilbert (John Gilbert’s daughter), Josh Donat (son of Robert Donat), and Josh SInai (Laurence Harvey’s nephew), all of whom have endorsed my work,” she says. “I have truly become good friends with them.”

Classic Movie Favorites now intricately profiles Dougherty’s
favorite thirteen actors, seventeen actresses and three directors alongside her
ten favorite films. The site also hosts a blog, where she keeps
visitors apprised of updates as well as any news in the world of
classic cinema.

Interestingly, the most popular feature of her site is devoted to old time radio programs. “I am a huge fan of Jack Benny,” she admits. “And while I sat at my computer working on my website, I would listen to his old programs. Then I found out Ronald Colman and his wife had done a radio show called The Halls of Ivy, which I couldn’t find highlighted on any site. Each week I upload a new episode and I’ve had so many visitors tell me how glad they are to have this available.”

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