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Site of the Week: Bloody-Disgusting


If Bloody-Disgusting were a horror franchise, it would be Friday the 13th, Halloween, and A Nightmare on Elm Street all rolled into one — it’s simply that huge. If you follow horror, chances are you’ve visited the site before. If you’ve read a piece of horror news, there’s a good chance it’s originated there. And for many horror bloggers, Bloody-Disgusting’s intelligent mix of exclusive horror news, interviews, videos, blogs, forums and articles is the formula to emulate, or at the very least revere.

Curiously, the site began as a web design project back in 2001. Tom Owen, known online as Killrobot, was learning design and approached his friend Brad Miska and him if he would run a site Owen was creating about upcoming horror films. Explains Miska, now the site’s Editor in Chief, “I said yes and the rest was history.”

What transformed Bloody-Disgusting from an educational side-project into Internet infamy? “Persistence and effort,” says Miska. “At first Tom was just having fun with it and always yelled at me for taking it too seriously, but eventually he saw the potential I saw and we started to kick some arse.” Now the site is a trusted source for mainstream horror coverage featuring insightful reviews and in-depth coverage. Its steady flow of news stories often feature exclusive scoops, much to the chagrin of movie studios more accustomed to damaging items about the horror industry disappearing in the back pages of Variety. And its feature articles vary from top 10 lists (most recently, “The Top 10 Most Batsh*t Crazy Horror Movie Doctors”) to reporting from the sets of the industry’s top films.

One of the biggest draws to the site, however, is Bloody-Disgusting’s community forum. “We wanted to create a place that has everything horror,” says Miska. “When you join there are so many things you can do.” Aside from having a place to discuss all things bloody, members can upload their own horror video and pictures, create a MySpace-like profile, and even build their own blog. And at 35,000-plus members, B-D represents one of the largest online horror communities.

Considering the site’s title and subject matter, one of the most surprising aspects of Bloody-Disgusting is how restrained it can be. Gratuitous gore, T&A, and obscene language don’t plague the articles and reviews like they do on related sites — The Top 10 article mentioned above was self-censored. What comes through instead is an obvious affinity for the genre, and a sense of desired professionalism in every aspect of the site. “Everyone else does this just for fun,” Miska says. “We take it dead serious (pun intended).”

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