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Shutter Fails to Click With Reviewers

shutter.jpgYou don’t have to be psychic to predict that critics would reject Shutter on sight; J-horror remakes have long worn out their welcome. No worries, these sorts of reviews will probably bury Shutter and its ilk, and bury them deep:

“At this point, Americanized J-horror has become the Michael Myers of horror subgenres: Every time it’s stabbed in the eye, hurled out a second-story window, and seemingly left for dead, it just keeps coming back for more.” — Scott Tobias, The AV Club

“The movies keep coming, as if an assembly line has been started and no one knows how to turn it off… Please, make them stop!” — James Berardinelli, ReelViews

“This third Asian horror remake in as many months is a flimsy, no-weight cash magnet devoid of even the most basic cinematic principles, its simple visual competence a technical given in a world were any idiot can pick up a digital camera for an intended Kodak moment.” — Rob Humanick, Slant

“In a better film– like the original, which conveyed real emotional
gravity — the fadeout image would provide a lingering chill. Here,
it’s just a mild goosing after formulaic genre slog.” — Dennis Harvey,

“Megumi (Megumi Okina), the roving angry spirit at the center of Shutter,
will shoot you icy looks from afar and ruin your wedding photos. Oh,
and give you a shoulder cramp. Scared yet? Jane Shaw (Rachael Taylor,
the blonde-bombshell hacker from Transformers) sure is — so terrified that she occasionally forgets she’s supposed to have an American accent.” — Luke Y. Thompson, OCWeekly

“The fact that women in this film only gain their power posthumously might be Shutter‘s sole lasting thread left for us to discuss.” — Sara Schieron, Boxoffice

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