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Quaid vs. Eastwood: Two Aging Agents Fight to Save the President



It’s hard not to see the similarities between Vantage Point, now in theaters, and 1993’s In the Line of Fire. Both are action films about an assassination attempt on the president and both revolve around an aging secret serviceman haunted by a previous presidential shooting. The question is: Who gave the better performance as that agent? Do your prefer Dennis Quaid’s interpretation in the new film or Clint Eastwood’s iconic characterization?

Quaid is at a disadvantage: You’re only as good as the movie you’re in and Vantage Point, as a whole, has not been well received. Sheri Linden, wrote in her Reuters‘ review, “Unlike Eastwood, Quaid is given nothing to work with in this hamfisted scenario.” Said John Anderson in The Washington Post, “Quaid wears a Clint Eastwood-inspired grimace” but it’s to no avail because he adds, “all the pained looks in the world aren’t going to make Vantage Point into In the Line of Fire.” It’s hard to find anyone that can see past the film’s flaws and just look at the work being done by this often underrated actor. 

As far as Eastwood’s depiction is concerned, Hal Hinson of The Washington Post
downplayed his skills by saying, “Now that Eastwood has won his Oscar,
there’s an amusing notion making the rounds that the former cowboy
actor is some sort of newly discovered Brando.”

do you think?  Is Eastwood’s turn as the selfless hero Frank Horrigan just the
same old performance he gives in every movie? And would Quaid have done
it better given the same script?

Watch In the Line of Fire tonight, Thursday, March 13 at 8PM | 7C on AMC and make up your own mind.  For a complete schedule, click here.

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