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Peter Davison Wants to Be the Next Doctor Who… Again.

peter2.JPGAs a child of the ’80s, I got my exposure to Doctor Who through Public Broadcasting’s regurgitations of the Tom Baker years. Eventually, he was replaced by Peter Davison, and I felt betrayed. What’s this? My wild-eyed, bescarved Time Lord replaced by that whiny fop from All Creatures Great And Small?

But in my adult years, I’ve come to appreciate the Fifth Doctor, mostly due to the excellent Big Finish Audio Series in which Davison continues his role as the blond, boyish mid-80s incarnation. And the recent Doctor Who Children in Need special, “Time Crash,” only reaffirmed my fondness for him. This was a Doctor sadly maligned, not because he wasn’t good, but because he followed Tom Baker. His return to Doctor Who as the Fifth Doctor was a triumph, beer belly and bald spot aside.

And now even Davison is saying he’d love to come back…

This time, as the replacement for Tennant when he leaves the show,
if it could somehow be done. What an interesting idea. After all, at
any given point, there are ten Doctors floating around the universe…
what better way to “save” an incarnation of the Doctor for later by
reintroducing an earlier one? And “Time Crash” may have just given them
such a plot device!

It’ll never happen, of course. The BBC clearly wants a younger,
sexier Doctor these days. But both Davison and I can dare to dream.

Peter Davison [Digital Spy] (via io9)

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