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Own Your Very Own Thing From Another World


There are those who detect Cold War “paranoia” in The Thing From Another World, but I’ve always thought of John Carpenter’s The Thing as some form of bizarre cancer parable. It makes sense, in a way. An isolated group of scientists in Antarctica form a secluded biomass infected by an alien presence that mutates certain members, while tricking the rest into thinking it belongs.

Thematically, it’s a hit-or-miss supposition, but what really makes
it feel true are the incredible special effects of Rob Boutin. This
is what an extraterrestrial cancer looks like: an amorphous blob of
pulsating limbs, squirming eyeballs, screaming mouths and spider legs,
skittering across the floor.

Now you can own yourself your very own petri dish full of alien
cancer thanks to this eBay sale, auctioning off one of Rob Boutin’s
original creature props. The opening bid is $3,499.00, which seems
fairly reasonable to me. The price will
doubtlessly soar though. Just remember, if you win, for god’s sakes,
don’t lick it.

Screen Used Creature Prop- John Carpenter’s The Thing [eBay]

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