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It’s Not Personal. It’s Business: The Godfather and Related Games


Talk about an offer you can’t refuse. If you’re a fan of Coppola’s The Godfather trilogy, take a turn at our Grilled About the Godfather trivia game. The right answers will move you up from lowly soldier to big-time Don. Answer incorrectly, and you’ll rile the Mafia boss. Trust us: You don’t want to do that.

Still looking to get made? Try these other games:

The Godfather: The Game (EA, Xbox 360) In this sandbox game, you can travel anywhere in your quest to be boss. EA spent a lot of money on this production, getting many of the original actors to do voice overs. In fact, voicing the game was Marlon Brando’s last performance.

Extreme Mob Wars
(Online) Loan sharking? Counterfeiting? Take on any illicit career you
want in this massively multiplayer online role playing game.

Grand Theft Auto
(Rockstar, Xbox 360)  This ultra-creative series, which allows you to
rise among the ranks of organized crime, has no equal. Although highly
controversial, when the fourth installment drops in April, expect it to
be number one … for a long, long time. The voice overs in previous
editions have included Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Liotta and Dennis Hopper.

And catch The Godfather tonight, March 10 at 8PM | 7C. For a full schedule, click here.

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