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No Flying Cars at the International Auto Show

1962+gm+car+ad+paleo+future-1.jpgThis Saturday I went to the New York International Auto Show and boy was I disappointed. I was expecting the stuff from the 1962 World’s Fair: Hover-cars, bubble-domed Batmobiles, three-wheel Space Age funny cars and maybe some jet-propelled station wagon that runs on water. Instead it was just a lot of dorky guys photographing themselves with Ferraris. There were bland spokesmodels reading talking points about fuel efficiency. BMW hosted an Owner’s Lounge, where if you showed your BMW car key you could relax, enjoy a free bagel and maybe even take a BM. Also, Maury Povich was there was his kid.

When I got home I watched Tex Avery’s The Car of Tomorrow. What I was hoping for after the jump.

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