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New Clip Proves Worst Case Scenario Is Back From the Dead

WCS.JPGYou’d think it would be simple enough to find financiers for a Nazi zombie film, right? Worst Case Scenario fell out of sight a few years ago
when Gorehound discovered a hard truth about showbiz: when you laugh, the world laughs with you, but when you portray the reanimated corpses of the SS, you’re on your own.

The great news is that the project is back on track with new money and fresh blood, and Gorehound has released a new promo clip to show they haven’t been frittering the time away. Also, their blog reveals a recent windfall — the filmmakers have acquired the bunker sets leftover from Paul Verhoeven’s WWII drama Black Book. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for a Verhoeven producer’s credit when Worst Case Scenario finally lurches into theaters.

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