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Mutated Beasts in Sam Raimi’s Monster Zoo


Buckaroo Entertainment, Sam Raimi’s production company, sure isn’t taking a breather. After announcing production on the vampire horror offering, Priest, and the supernatural thriller, Drag Me to Hell, Raimi got Paramount Pictures to pick up the rights to the upcoming graphic novel, Monster Zoo.

The action begins, says The Hollywood Reporter, when an ancient idol is brought to a zoo. “There, the idol’s
spirit awakens and starts to mutate the caged animals. A group of
teenagers must band together to try to stop the idol and the evil
from destroying the world.” The graphic novel is by Doug TenNapel, the same mind who brought the world the popular Earthworm Jim.

It’s too bad that Raimi isn’t directing Monster Zoo himself. Nor will he direct Priest. You will, however, see his careful work in Drag Me to Hell, which stars Alison Lohman. It’s utterly terrific that Raimi is returning to his horror roots. But everyone is still wondering: What about Spider-Man 4?

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