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In Dead Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

Not everyone will agree, but I’ve always felt that Event Horizon was an unexpected, though flawed, sci-fi triumph. Sure, it’s directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, a schizophrenic helmer who rapidly fluctuates between the execrable (Mortal Kombat) and the okay (Resident Evil, Alien vs. Predator), with Soldier (an unofficial sequel to Blade Runner, of all things) spreading its girth through the limbo in between. But Event Horizon is his masterpiece: a moody mash-up between Alien, Solaris, 2001 and Hellraiser that single-handedly succeeded in re-mastering the “horror in space” genre where every other film since Aliens failed.

Electronic Art’s upcoming survival sci-fi-horror game Dead Space looks to be taking all its lessons from Event Horizon. Although video games are no stranger to games featuring monsters from space, Dead Space
doesn’t seem to be taking its queues from them. Instead, it focuses on
the horror, dread and beauty of being alone and hunted in the wide-open
vacuum of a far-off planet’s orbit. One part System Shock 2, one part Resident Evil 4, I’m really looking forward to this one.

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