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In 1997, DC Comics Went Pulp

shadow+of+the+bat+annual.jpgIf pulp fiction is the literature of the subliterate, comic books are the pulp fiction of the illiterate. That’s not an accident, of course — pulp fiction evolved into comics, so that nowadays, it only exists between the pages of a superhero adventure. Our only acquaintance with the pulp fiction of old is through reprint volumes or discarded pulps (sold for 50 cents each, shivering with small, blood-red spiders) at used book stores.

But DC hasn’t forgotten its origins. Eleven years ago, in 1997 (am I so old?), DC featured pulp-style painted covers over the course of the summer and christened the event “Pulp Heroes.” This event single-handedly redeemed DC’s summer of ’97: This was the same summer, for the record, that Superman lost his powers and became “electric”… one of the stupidest decisions in modern comics history.

Over at Super Punch, they have a gallery of the covers up. The art is wonderful, particularly the covers by Glen Orbik. I surely can’t be the only fan out there who wishes all comics came with covers like this.

DC Comic Pulp Heroes Cover Gallery [Super Punch]

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