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If Saul Bass Met Star Wars

The sixties wouldn’t have been the same without Saul Bass. Bass was an innovative graphic designer most popularly known for his opening film credit sequences: cascading, kaleidoscopic arrangements of geometric silhouettes against bright, colorful backgrounds, meant to metaphorically encapsulate the plot of the film before it even begun. Alfred Hitchcock used Bass to create title sequences for North by Northwest, Vertigo and Psycho; he’s also worked with Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorcese and Otto Preminger.

But what is Bass had worked with George Lucas on a credit sequence for a little film called Star Wars. A YouTube user has put together an excellent Bass-ian alternative to A New Hope’s famous electric blue crawl. It fails a bit for the theme song: surely, a jazz adaptation of John Williams’ iconic score (I know it’s out there!) would have suited better than “Machine” by the Buddy Rich band. But that’s just small gripes… oh, what could have been!

Star Wars vs. Saul Bass [YouTube]

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